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General terms & conditions

1. General:

1. 1. The following applies to all our offers in all sales of the goods or services of Liv Systems, Ltd.

1. 2. Buyer or other terms and conditions than general sales conversations apply only if they have been, by Liv Systems d.o.o. confirmed in writing.

1. 3 Oral arrangements are only valid if so provided by Liv Systems d.o.o. confirmed in writing. As written, they also sent our confirmation by fax or e-mail.

1. 4. Confirmed agreement on the cancellation of official points from the general terms of sale of Liv Systems, d.o.o. did not affect the validity of the other points that determined these conversations.

1. 5. The buyer is also the customer when visiting the people, at the latest upon receipt of the goods, recognized by the recognized sales companies Liv Systems, Ltd.

2. Tenders, contracts:

2. 1. Our offers are so non-binding. The buyer's order is binding on us according to our written instructions.

2. 2. An invoice is considered a people check. At this point in time, our forecasts start running with the daily payment of the invoice amount.

2. 3. Documents are attached to the offer of the attached sketch, technical drawings in other annexes, so that they are binding on us only if explicitly specified in the order. These annexes may be formally used by the buyer personally and may not be reproduced or made available to third parties without our written permission.

2. 4. With regard to the purchasers of the cancellation of the order, it is obliged to Liv Systems, d.o.o. reimburse all costs incurred in connection with the same transferee until the date of termination.

2. 5. The minimum value of goods ordered was at least xxxx EUR.

2.6. In the case of the buyer's people to recall, the latter shall be obliged to recall the goods within the time limit specified in the order. At Liv Systems d.o.o. at its discretion, determine the delivery time or even the percentage to discover until delivery of the remaining goods. The payment deadline for the rest runs with the daily goods peaks.

3. Property reservation:

3. 1. We reserve the property right to settle or fully fulfill the buyer's obligations in relation to the delivered goods, including payment of any overdue fees and default interest.

4. Guarantee of quality of supplies and of goods supplied:

4. 1. We guarantee the quality or integrity of the delivered goods in the sense and in accordance with the catalog data and in accordance with the previous written agreements.

4. 2. The buyer may announce or advertise the quantitative or qualitative deviation of the delivered goods within 8 days after receipt of the goods.

4. 3. The buyer may report hidden defects or hidden quality deviations in writing or advertise immediately after the discovery, but not later than 6 months from the receipt of the goods.

4. 4. In the case of prior technical acceptance of the goods (point 4.5.), The buyer is not entitled to subsequent reclamation of the goods, except in the case of a hidden defect.

4. 5. In case of our request, the buyer must immediately return the goods or individual items that are being advertised, in order to determine the eligibility of the complaint. Otherwise, the buyer loses the right to complain or claim.

4. 6. If the customer's claim is found justified, we are obliged to eliminate it as soon as possible, that is as soon as possible.

4. 7. We do not take into account any complaints arising from improper use and unauthorized or improper installation, unauthorized or improper tampering with the product itself, due to improper start-up, as well as due to improper, defective or negligent handling of the product.

5. Product warranty:

5. 1. We accept such product warranties as we have received from our supplier.

5. 2. We do not accept any product warranty in the cases described under 7.7.

5. 3. We only accept product warranty if we assemble the product. In this case, and in the case of a justified claim, we assume all costs related to the replacement of the product with a faulty one, including the costs of direct repair or dismantling and installation, if they are in proportion to the value of the advertised product. The Client must give us a reasonable time to remedy this complaint.

5. 4. In no case shall Liv Systems, Ltd. o. o. assumes no warranty claim and no liability for any damage to loss of income caused by interruption or production interruption.

5. 5. All claims relating to the guarantee must be made in writing, showing the type of defect, the time of occurrence of the defect and the information necessary to identify the product. The accuracy of the information provided and the circumstances of the failure must be verified by our specialist at the location of the failure.

6. Liability for damages:

6. 1. If, under the General Sales Conditions of Liv Systems d.o.o. otherwise, and to the extent that we are liable for damages, we are liable for damages in the event of a proven breach of contract or proven breach of other written arrangements, only in the case of damage during the product warranty period and on the basis and under the binding product warranty.

6. 2. In the event of proven breach of the essential provisions of the contract or other written arrangements, the liability for damages shall be limited to the typical legal practice damage, unless it is caused by negligence or willful misconduct.

6. 3. For the goods, our warranty is limited to the assignment of claims belonging to us against the supplier of the goods, insofar as no further warranty arises under the product warranty law from the standpoint of the manufacturer's liability.

6. 4. Demonstration of liability for damages and entitlement to compensation is on the buyer's side.

7. Dispute settlement:

7. 1. All legal proceedings between the buyer and the seller shall be subject only to the laws of the Republic of Slovenia.

7. 2. The competent court for the settlement of all disputes shall be the Koper District Court.



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