General terms & conditions

General terms & conditions

1. General:
1. 1. The following will govern the business relationships with the Customer to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions.
1. 2. Customer’s or any other terms and conditions than general sales conversations apply only if they have been confirmed by Liv Systems d.o.o. in writing.
1. 3 Oral arrangements are only valid if Liv Systems d.o.o. confirms them in writing.

2. Offers, documents:
2. 1. Our offers are not binding.
2. 2. Documents that are attached to the offer, technical drawings, catalogues, price lists, and other printed matters represent the status at the time of printing and are approximations. The documentation comprised by the offer does not constitute a warranty of quality or of durability. They serve to present the idea of the service described. It can not be passed to third parties.

3. Orders:
3. 1. All written orders are binding by the Customer.
3.2. LIV Systems d.o.o is bound only by our written confirmation.

4. Prices and payment:
4. 1. Prices and conditions are written on each individual invoice.
4. 2. Payment terms are written on each invoice and payment has to be made on our account within the due date.
4. 4. Assistants, agents, and sales representatives are not authorized to payment collection.
4. 5. The Customer is not entitled to retain payments on account of counter-claims not based upon the same contractual relationship or to offset accounts contested by us or accounts not yet declared final in a court of law.
4. 6. Noncompliance with terms and conditions of payment or circumstances which are capable of having a detrimental impact upon the creditworthiness of the Customer will result in all our accounts being made payable immediately. In such circumstances, we will also be entitled to supply against payment in advance.

5. Reservation of title:
5. 1. LIV Systems d.o.o. will reserve the title to the supplied goods until the purchased price has been paid. A commercial transaction will only expire if all claims against the Customer have been settled.
5. 2. If LIV Systems's goods are further processed we will acquire a co-ownership share equal to the value of our goods.
5. 3. Dealer can sell the goods subject to reservation of title by means of a sales transaction. The Customer is not allowed to dispose of the goods otherwise.
5. 4. The Customer has to notify LIV Systems d.o.o. right away of impending and completed third-party seizures of the goods subject to reservation of title or on the assigned accounts.

6. Delivery, default:
6. 1. If we can not render our service on time by unforeseeable events or by events for which we are not to blame, the period allowed for performance shall be extended as appropriate.
6. 2. The Customer will be obliged to fulfill all preconditions for the transaction to be carried out on time.

7. Transport:
7. 1. If the Customer does not take delivery when notified that they are ready for dispatch, we will put them in our storage if possible at the Customer's risk.

8. Requirement to inspect and give notice of a defect:
8. 1. The Customer will inspect the goods immediately upon delivery and give notice in writing of defects within 8 days of receipt of goods.
8.2. If complaints are not noted on time goods will be deemed to be approved.
8.3. The Customer will inform us of any hidden defects within 14 days of their discovery.

9. Warranty:
9.1. Period covered by the warranty is 12 months.
9.2. If the goods are defective, the Customer will be entitled to a repair or to the supply of a replacement.
9.3. Customer's claims based on our liability for defects will lapse if the Customer does not allow us the necessary time and opportunity to rectify the defect within normal business hours.
9.4. The warranty will lapse if defects occur as a result of tampering by non-authorized parties.

10. Other compensation claims for damages:
10.1. The Customer will not be entitled to any other compensation claims for damages against us not actually incurred by the supplied item itself.

11. Place of jurisdiction:
11.1. The place of jurisdiction is Ljubljana, Slovenia.
11.2. These terms and conditions will be governed by the law of the Republic of Slovenia.

Updated : October 2022

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