Liv Systems, Europe's premier swivel castor manufacturer for wheelie bins & mobile waste container (28)

Liv Systems, Europe's premier swivel castor manufacturer for wheelie bins & mobile waste container


Waste Container Wheels Manufacturer

Why do the biggest wheelie bins and mobile waste container manufacturers in Europe choose LIV Systems d.o.o. as their preferred supplier?

Serving 30 countries, including Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, and North America

Selecting a supplier for essential components such as swivel castors for wheelie bins can be fraught with challenges. Buyers often face difficulties in identifying the most effective supply chain configuration for their operations, sourcing competitively priced swivel castors, and ensuring that product deliveries are both timely and of high quality. To overcome this significant challenge, it is advisable to develop a sourcing strategy that includes a dependable supplier who provides support and flexibility when unexpected issues arise.

Get effortless operations with LIV Systems

Collaborating with LIV Systems is a great way to be secured of a reliable supply of high-quality swivel castors, LIV systems is capable of rapid delivery during unexpected demands for large quantities at competitive prices. This partnership also offers the benefit of designing and engineering innovative ergonomic features to meet the growing needs of customers and regulators. For regular clients who designate LIV Systems as their primary or secondary supplier, we reserve production capacity and maintain stock to mitigate any disruptions in their Asian supply chain. By proactively providing LIV Systems with detailed information about the specific types and quantities of waste container wheels required, you can safeguard against potential shortages in production capacity.

"for every European brand, type, size and application we have a castor wheel that fits and is accourding to EU regulastion and standards"

This page will cover LIV Systems range of swivel castors for wheelie bins, for every European brand, type, size and application we have a castor wheel that fits and is accourding to EU regulastion and standards. Explore the unique service benefits of working with LIV Systems, the advantages of near shoring from a sustainable factory with the lowest carbon footprint, explore how long our castors last. The importance, and our focus on using durable raw materials and continously optimizing brake handling, swivel rotation and functuionlity. Our in-house electrogalvanic and passivation methods are enhanced by the addition of a new galvanic plant we installed in 2023. This upgrade bolsters our independence and allows us to maintain stringent control over the quality and durability of our surface treatments. But before we delve deeper, let's first introduce what LIV Systems d.o.o. really is.


Who is Liv Systems d.o.o.?

Founded in 1953, LIV Systems d.o.o. is nowadays known as the most competative wheel and castor factory in Europe. Central to our operations is a mastery of stamp pressing, deep drawing, and shaping sheet metals into precision components used globally by OEM customers. In addition to metal processing techniques like slitting and welding, we focus extensively on surface treatment processes such as electro-zinc galvanizing and high-end powder coating. To deliver complete products, we also highly automated assembly lines and injection moulding lines for PA, PP, PU's. This is why customers choose LIV, We are unique in that we incorporates all manufacturing capabilities under one roof.

In 2023, we extensively upgraded our surface treatment facilities, boosting our capacity and decreasing our dependence on external sources. This move enhances quality control, reduces transportation costs, and supports our sustainability initiatives.

From 2022 to 2025, LIV Systems will further improve its presence in the metal processing sector by doubling our pressing capabilities through substantial investments in lean moving and servo-driven transfer presses, powered by 15,000m² of solar panels installed on our roofs. These initiatives are designed to reduce dependencies, control costs, minimize our carbon footprint, and support our internal objectives while offering our customers low-cost, high-quality products that simplify user work life.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Waste Container Wheels

LIV Systems offers a vast selection of swivel castors for 4-wheeled containers and wheelie bins. Our bolt-hole patterns of the top plate fit on all waste container brands, such as ESE, Sulo, Contenur, Taylor, Weber, etc. and are used under all types of plastic and galvanized metal containers in volumes between 400L and 1100L. 

Advantages of our swivel castor wheels for waste container wheelie bins

  • Eco-Friendly: because of our dedication to the environment, sustainability, quality, and innovation, LIV Systems is unique in that during the production of our swivel castors, we generate the lowest CO2 emissions. 
  • Ergonomic Benefits: Features the smoothest swivel systems and optimised brakes for easier handling.
  • Efficient Design: Optimally shaped to achieve maximum strength with minimal use of raw materials, making our castors the lightest and most durable on the market.
  • High Durability: Moisture-proof and resistant to frost, heat, and most chemicals.
  • Corrosion Resistance: We are unique in having our surface treatment lines and lab in-house. The newly 2023 installed electro galvanisation and passivation line gives us complete control over our quality, making our products resistant to corrosion and enhancing longevity.
  • Customisable: Available with a variety of options like metal rims, roller bearings, ball bearings, directional locks, and special brake systems.
  • User-Friendly Assembly: Easy to assemble and dismantle, suitable for automated robotic assembly processes.


Our catalogue includes swivel castors for:

  • Standard rear-loading waste container
    • Wheelie bins for residual waste, medical waste containers, or plastic and beverage cartons containers.
  • Heavy-duty castor wheels for large containers
    • For the big 2500L volume metal waste containers, we developed a heavy-duty swivel castor with a reinforced 6 mm thick steel fork and an extra hardened steel ring in the swivel head, which, in combination with a polyurethane tread or elastic rubber wheel on an aluminium wheel centre and double ball bearings provides effortless operations.
  • Special ergonomic brake systems
  • Waste Container Castor Wheels for up to 12 km/h
  • Low rolling resistance wheels for enhanced efficiency
  • Economic waste container wheels, with the plain bearing and PP wheel centre.
  • Nose Wheels and Axles for two-wheeled waste containers
  • Directional locks and special brake systems
  • Unique functionality waste container wheels


Why Choose Liv Systems?

As the industry leader in Europe, we stand out for our exceptional quality, reliability, and innovation. Our wheels offer unparalleled advantages:

  • Premium Quality: Our wheels are robust and durable.
  • Sustainability: Committed to eco-friendly production processes and recycled materials.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Low rolling resistance saves energy and improves productivity.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Our satisfied clients testify to the reliability and functionality of our wheels.

Our Expert Team at Your Service

Our experienced team will guide you and help you select the ideal waste container wheels. Feel free to contact us and request your tailored quotation!

Your Customised Solution

Liv Systems also specializes in custom waste container wheels tailored to your requirements. Our experts will turn your ideas into reality and provide the optimal solution for your special projects. Contact us now for a personalised consultation!

Our Certifications

As a quality-conscious manufacturer, all our wheels adhere to relevant European standards and certifications. We take pride in offering you the highest quality and safety. See for yourself and request your quotation now!

Exclusive Special Offers

Don't miss our special offers on waste container wheels. With Liv Systems, you get high-quality wheels at unbeatable prices. Enhance your operational efficiency and save with our exclusive deals!

Committed to Sustainability

At Liv Systems, we care for the environment. Our production processes focus on sustainability, and we use recycled materials to reduce our environmental impact. Join us in this mission and request your personalised quotation now!

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Don't wait any longer, get the finest waste container wheels in Europe. Our team is ready to advise and offer the ideal solution for your needs. Request your quotation now and discover how Liv Systems can enhance your operations!


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