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Did LIV SYSTEMS' Ancestors Invent the First Wheel Over 5,000 Years Ago?

Answer: Just 25 kilometers from our high-tech wheel manufacturer facility, archaeologists unearthed the world's oldest known wooden wheel!!

With a knowing smile, we speculate it's no coincidence that this 5,150-year-old relic was found a stone's throw from our facilities. Crafted from ash and oak, this ancient marvel isn't just a testament to human innovation; we like to think of it as the earliest known "patent" from the ancestors of LIV SYSTEMS' engineers!

Joking aside, it's fascinating that the Ljubljana Marshes Wheel, discovered in 2002, hails from the same region as our state-of-the-art manufacturing. This wheel, which once belonged to a prehistoric pushcart, shares our modern-day commitment to quality and durability - it's as if the wheel-crafting baton was passed down through the ages!

Who's to say the spirit of innovation from those ancient engineers didn't seep through the centuries, inspiring our team today? After all, with LIV SYSTEMS only 25 km away from the discovery site, we're spinning the wheels of history full circle! Read more

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