History of LIV

Remarkable Journey: Innovation and Steadfast Growth

Embarking on a remarkable journey of innovation and steadfast growth, LIV, the renowned Metal Company, has achieved numerous milestones from its initial establishment in 1954 till today 2023. Here's a reverse-chronological highlight of its significant achievements:


  • 2022

    8,7 Million Investment in Durability and Enhancing Container Wheel Production Capacity

    Objective: This crucial investment aims to bolster LIV SYSTEMS d.o.o.'s productivity and fortify its long-term market competitiveness, with a keen focus on sustainable practices, decarbonization, and business digitalization. Central to the capacity expansion project for container castors is the introduction of an innovative 200mm castor to the market. This novel product, a result of in-house development, adheres to eco-design standards and offers customization options, aligning with contemporary consumer demands.

    Investment Overview: The project commands a significant investment of EUR 8,750,338.51. It has secured EUR 2,614,545.76 in funding through the Recovery and Resilience Plan, under the C3K2 initiative. This scheme supports ventures that aim to amplify productivity, enhance market competitiveness, foster economic resilience, promote decarbonization, and contribute to job creation and retention.

    Timeline: The project commenced on May 20, 2022, and is slated for completion by May 19, 2025.

    Anticipated Impact: This initiative is expected to sustain current employment levels while boosting per-employee value addition. It will also enhance material and energy efficiency. Most notably, it will exert a positive influence on the environmental front, reaffirming LIV SYSTEMS d.o.o.'s commitment to eco-conscious operational practices.


  • 2018

    Slovenia's LIV Kolesa Begins New Chapter Led by Franc Gregorčič and Floris van Konijnenburg

    Slovenian industrial company LIV Kolesa, known for its production of castors and wheelbarrows, is on the eve of a major transformation. The future looks promising as Franc Gregorčič, head of the Plastoform Group, and his Dutch business partner Floris van Konijnenburg become the new owners. This takeover marks the end of LIV Kolesa's management by Slovenian restructuring entity DUTB, which it had been under since 2014.

    Franc Gregorčič is no stranger to the industry. Since 2001, he has built an impressive portfolio of successful companies, employing 950 people across multiple plants in Slovenia and Croatia. His reputation for revitalising struggling operations speaks volumes, and this makes him an ideal candidate to lead LIV Kolesa into a new era of innovation and productivity.

    The acquisition, whose financial details have not been disclosed, comes at a critical time. Despite LIV Kolesa achieving net sales of more than 14 million euros, profits have been minimal, a reflection of the challenges it has faced. The partnership with Dutch company Konijnenburg, also a major player in castor production, is seen as a strategic move.

    Konijnenburg, a respected family business that has built expertise over generations, brings with it a wealth of market knowledge and technical know-how. "The synergy between our organisations lies in the unique strengths each brings," explains Gregorčič. "While Konijnenburg understands the market, products and technological developments inside out, we bring advanced organisational structures and logistical capabilities."

    The pooling of these complementary skills and resources forms the basis of the optimistic outlook for LIV Kolesa. Under the leadership of these experienced business leaders, the company is poised to modernise its operations, diversify its product range and enter new markets. Moreover, the focus will be on improving the company's financial health, enabling it to strengthen its position in both the regional and global arena.

    With this acquisition, LIV Kolesa embodies the resilience and innovative thinking central to today's industry. For both employees and stakeholders, the change in leadership promises an exciting new chapter of growth and reinvention.

  • 2018

    - Celebration of a production landmark with the manufacture of the 10 millionth K10 generation of container castor wheel, underscoring the company's extensive scale and capability.

  • 2015

    - Comprehensive financial restructuring to reinforce the company's enduring sustainability and robust economic foundation.

  • 2011

    - The debut of the new generation of K10 container rollers and wheels, reflecting LIV's unwavering dedication to consistent product innovation.

  • 2009

    - Establishment of a modern warehouse optimizing the storage of finished and semi-finished products. - Expansion marked by a new production hall and the procurement of a state-of-the-art 400-ton transfer press, amplifying manufacturing strength.

  • 2000

    - Achieving the ISO 14001 certification for the environmental management system, highlighting LIV's staunch commitment to green practices. - Development of a top-tier treatment facility for wastewater, stemming from the galvanizing plant and wheelbarrow paint shop.

  • 1998

    - Finalization of LIV's privatization, ushering in a fresh chapter of corporate governance.

  • 1997

    - LIV's transformation into a public limited company, marking a pivotal juncture in its evolution with reinforced public faith and organizational framework.

  • 1995

    - Earning the esteemed ISO 9001 certification, showcasing LIV's adherence to global quality standards.

  • 1991

    - In the face of the dissolution of Yugoslavia, LIV displayed unmatched adaptability by venturing aggressively into international markets.

  • 1980

    - Modernizing operations with a new galvanizing plant and the addition of a 320-ton transfer press, signifying technological progression.

  • 1975

    - Significant investments in infrastructure with a 6,000 m2 warehouse and an extended production line for plastic rollers and wheels, catering to diverse sectors.

  • 1971

    - Launch of a state-of-the-art production hall and the beginning of wheelbarrow production, symbolizing growth and diversification.

  • 1961

    - Industry-first initiative with the introduction of plastic injection, expanding LIV's manufacturing horizons.

  • 1959

    - Kickstarting the production of foundational components - rollers and wheels, laying the groundwork for manufacturing milestones.

  • 1954

    - Established by the Postojna District's People's Committee, LIV's humble origins were marked by unconventional funding methods, including selling a car to acquire its initial machinery. The year culminated with a passionate 35-member team engaged in various crafts, from foundry and joinery to intricate manual and mechanical metalworking, laying the foundation for LIV's ascent to industrial prominence.

LIV's journey through the decades narrates a tale of relentless evolution, marked by continuous innovation, calculated growth strategies, and a steadfast dedication to upholding superior quality and rigorous environmental protocols. Transitioning from a modest beginning with a dedicated team and a solitary machine tool, LIV has emerged as a distinguished public limited company, encapsulating a tradition of industrial prowess and adeptness in navigating the global marketplace.

The company's chronicle is rich with milestones that underline its deep-seated resolve for maintaining quality, championing environmental stewardship, and fostering groundbreaking advancements. Anchored in its European heritage, LIV prides itself on delivering top-tier products that harmonize cost-effectiveness with luxurious quality. The company's sustainable philosophy is profoundly interwoven with its origin land, a country where forests claim 66% of the terrain, symbolizing its pledge to eco-conscious practices. This commitment is further manifested in its consistent efforts to achieve the minimal carbon footprint, reinforcing its role as a leader in the green industrial revolution.

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