Receive Your Files in Various Formats with Cutting-Edge Technology

Experience Unparalleled Design and Manufacturing with LIV Systems

At LIV Systems, we leverage industry-leading CAD CAM software to design and manufacture the most optimal products tailored to your needs. Our technological prowess extends beyond simple design, as we support our customers with:

  • Simulations: Witness virtual prototypes of your products, enabling better planning and anticipation of real-world performance.
  • Photo-Realistic Renders: Visualize the final product with lifelike accuracy through detailed and photo-realistic renders.

Our state-of-the-art Evixscan 3D ultra-precision scanner plays a pivotal role in our ability to deliver perfection. It provides us with:

  • Detailed Quality Control: Ensure the highest standards of quality with precise scanning and analysis of every product.
  • Reverse Engineering: Transform one of your samples into a detailed drawing, providing a foundation for adaptations, enhancements, and innovations.

We take pride in our technological capabilities that foster collaboration, innovation, and quality assurance. To request specific files or to learn more about our services, simply email us. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your application.

Our technology enables us to provide files in various formats, each tailored for different applications:

  • STEP Files (STP): Universal format for 3D CAD data exchange, preserving geometric data, colors, and layers.
  • CAD Files: Used for 2D or 3D models and can include geometrical shapes, dimensions, materials, processes, and tolerances.
  • 3D Models: Represent objects in three dimensions, including information about geometry, textures, colors, and materials.
  • 2D Drawings: Flat representations providing detailed views of an object from different angles, with dimensions, annotations, and symbols.

Benefits of Choosing LIV Systems:

  • Quality Assurance with advanced Evixscan 3D scanner
  • Customized Solutions tailored to your unique specifications
  • Reverse Engineering capabilities for adaptability and innovation
  • Responsive Support to guide you in selecting the right products

To request the specific files you need, simply email us the product number and the file type you require. Our dedicated team of skilled engineers is ready to assist you in finding the perfect solution for your application, even designing non-standard products exclusively for you!

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